...monotonous and hypnotic electronic rhythms as a carrier...

Latest Release

Jhonny LP / Florence (Meanda Remix)
Released: 12.11.18
Label: Landscapes Music / UK
With his track "Florence" Jhonny created a beautiful melody which catched me immediately. So I tried to give it a very intense and emotional feeling, adding a deep rhythm with drums and percussions. Enjoy a journey through emotional and progressive sounds...

Diary Entry

Guest mix for Center Waves Radio Madrid & Remix on Evoke 01 Album

2019 really starts great! On January 16th I will do a guest mix for "Moksa" radio show on Center Waves Radio from Madrid/Spain. Have a look at the "On Stage" menu here on my website for more information. My remix for Jhonny LP & Suntech's track "Circles" which was released in May last year, is part of the first best of album from OneStar Records, called "Evoke 01". My remix was selected as Nr. 1 track of the album which is really a big honour for me. Release date on Spotify, iTunes and all popular online music stores on January 14th. Really looking forward to 2019 and Happy New Year everyone!

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