...monotonous and hypnotic electronic rhythms as a carrier...


Meanda / Memories EP
Released: 23.12.19
Label: Landscapes Music
With my tracks "Beautiful Memories" and "Silent Memories" I want to take you with me on a journey through melodic and progressive electronic melodies and sounds. Additionally I feel very honored the fantastic producer AudioStorm made a beautiful remix of "Silent Memories" which is very deep and brings the original melody into another dimension. Enjoy!

Jhonny LP / Florence (Meanda Remix)
Released: 12.11.18
Label: Landscapes Music / UK
With his track "Florence" Jhonny created a beautiful melody which catched me immediately. So I tried to give it a very intense and emotional feeling, adding a deep rhythm with drums and percussions. Enjoy a journey through emotional and progressive sounds...

Suntech & Jhonny Lp / Circles (Meanda Remix)
Released: 22.05.18
Label: OneStar Records / Colombia
Circles by Suntech & Jhonny Lp from Colombia is a very beautiful, silent piece of progressive house music. My remix is another interpretation of the original version, with special focus to the vocals and the very strong baseline. My first release outside from Europe!

Meanda / Balance EP (LSM011)
Released: 11.12.17
Label: Landscapes Music / UK
Do you know the feeling, when everything is perfect, when there is no bad feeling inside you and peace is all around? Sitting at the beach and have a view to the sunset, feeling the warm air on your skin and nothing, absolutely nothing can make you feel bad? Well... that is the feeling Balance EP is all about... Wonderful melodies and pads and lots of emotions. Enjoy this special journey! The release also features a fantastic remix by Juvelo from Belgium.

Fresh Code / Supernova - Meanda's Daydream Version (ENTM049)
Released: 06.02.17
Label: Entrance Music / Spain
Listening to the original version I was inspired by the beautiful melody. As the original version is an Uplifting Trance track you can imagine that it was a big challenge to move the melody into my personal, more progressive and silent sound. The result is a very melodic and progressive piece of music, so I named it "Meanda's Daydream Version".

Meanda / A Cry Of Pain EP (LSM004)
Released: 18.07.16
Label: Landscapes Music / UK
A Cry Of Pain is a very melodic and deep piece of music flavoured with an oldshool touch and warm analog sound. Alongside the "Original Version" and the "Dark Atmosphere Version" the release includes a beautiful interpretation of the melody by Italian producer Christian Monique.

Oliver Prime feat. Peter Papiewski & TJP / Free Hugs - Meanda Remix (JOOFV2031)
Released: 11.02.13
Label: JOOFv2 / UK
Press release: Oliver Prime is one of the original members of the JOOF family and still amazes us with each and every release. Off his own back, he put this remix package together choosing the friends he trusts to remix one of his greatest tracks that he collaborated alongside Peter Papiewski and TJP.

Art of Trance / Praxia - Meanda Remix (PLATMU66)
Released: 10.04.12
Label: Platipus Music / UK
Under the reinstated Platipus label name, label founder Simon Berry and master brain behind Art Of Trance presents you his newest single Praxia.Praxia comes in a big package including the original mix and 5 remixes in different flavors including mixes by Airwave, Fran Von Vie, Terra Ferma, Meanda and Manu Riga. Enjoy this package of fine progressive trance sounds.

Art of Trance / Chung Kuo - Meanda Remix (PORCU48/PLATMU48)
Released: 13.09.11
Label: Porcupine Records (Platipus Music) / UK
My third release is a remix for a remake of the Vangelis classic Chung Kuo. The original remake is from Art of Trance and released at Porcupine Records (UK). The remix contains Parts of the original Vangelis track and the remake from Art of Trance mixed with the typical sound of Meanda - deep baselines and a long, silent part in the middle of the track.

Art Of Trance / The Horn - Meanda Remix (PORCU28/PLATMU28)
Released: 08.03.11
Label: Porcupine Records (Platipus Music) / UK
My second release is a remix for a legend of the electronic music scene - Simon Berry aka Art of Trance and part of Union Jack. Listening to the original track I was inspired by the beautiful classic vocals, the strings of the orchestra and the acid like baseline. So I put my focus on these parts and enclosed them with the typical sound of Meanda, including a long and silent break to let your mind fly away. The remix is released on Simon Berry´s own label Porcupine Records.

Meanda / Was ist Zeit & Run for Life (JOOF053)
Released: 09.06.09
Label: JOOF Recordings / UK
I am very happy to present my very first release at the very popular label JOOF Recordings in UK! Was ist Zeit is a very spheric piece of music with deep and sinister moments. Run for Life has a very engraving, flute based melody and a long silent break with a big finish.